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The day of crows

The day of crows

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The Day of Crows tells the relationship of a formidable father and his son who knows only him ... Both live in the deep forest, until the day when the child is freed from this authority. Discover this beautiful animated film about education, exclusion and friendship, family, from 6 years.

What is the story ?

  • All skinny, Son has a rough life. He knows nothing except what Father - monstrous ogre - wants to teach him. Hunting especially to survive in the dense forest. But one day, to save his father, the little savage ventures where he has always been, he is forbidden to go beyond the forest. He meets Manon, a mischievous girl.
  • Where is love hidden? This is the question that will arise, like FIls, your young moviegoer. Father is an aggressive colossus, and we prefer that of Manon, so good. But to enlarge is also to understand, to seek, to qualify. A beautiful lesson of humanity for your child, from 8 years old.

What will please your child

  • The frightful ogre, with his bushy brows in opposition to Son, skeletal with three hairs on the pebble. And yet Father and Son have an air of resemblance ...
  • Funny Son when he arrives at Manon's. He is a wild child who has everything to learn from civilization. He aims with a fork a fly on the ceiling or lapping his soup, your child will laugh as much as Manon!

What you will love too

  • The psychological dimension that gives depth to the film. If the Father is cruel, it is important to understand his story. This empathy will come from the ghosts ... figures of the sweeter mother and who communicates with FIls.
  • The very poetic drawing, real paintings that make you travel from the forest to the village. The colors are sumptuous and the line is sensitive.

By J-C Dessaint, Gebeka Films, duration: 1 h 36.

Where to find it?

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