The hiccups of the fetus in question

Very common, the hiccups of the fetus often surprises the future mothers. He also worries them sometimes: can this hiccup be the manifestation of a problem in the future baby?

Hiccup of the fetus: it's serious?

  • No, do not worry! The hiccups of the fetus represent no danger. Many scientists even see it as a very positive thing, indicating that the baby's respiratory system is "exercising" in order to be fully operational at birth. The icing on the cake: it does not cause any pain in fetuses.

What exactly is the hiccup of the fetus?

  • As with all other forms of hiccups, whose scientific name is "phrenoglottic myoclonus", fetal hiccups are caused by involuntary contractions of the diaphragm, a muscle located under the lungs involved in the regulation of respiration.
  • As for what exactly triggers these contractions in the fetus, the opinions of scientists differ ... One of the most common theories is that the diaphragm of the fetus is being "trained" to perfectly fulfill its role at birth as soon as baby starts to breathe normally (as long as it is in your belly, oxygen is transmitted via the umbilical cord). Another possibility: baby has swallowed a little too much amniotic fluid by opening the mouth. Attempt breathing or simple attraction to the sweet sweetness of this liquid? The mystery remains whole ...

When can he appear?

  • In general, fetal hiccups occur more or less often during the third trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes the future baby can have several hiccups a day. In other cases, the crises are much more distant ... Anyway, there is no need to worry: even in case of frequent crises, the hiccups of the fetus remains safe. Also note that baby can continue to have hiccups after birth (again, it is not serious). They are especially frequent during the first year of life.

How to recognize it?

  • The hiccup of the fetus is manifested by a sensation of regular shaking: it is very different from the little kicks and other jerky movements of your future baby when it is agitated in your belly. It's not painful but it can be quite embarrassing for you if your hiccups last a long time ...

How long does it last?

  • The hiccups of the fetus usually lasts only a few minutes but it happens that a crisis is much longer (1 hour or more) without knowing very well why ...

Can we "pass" the hiccups of the fetus?

  • It is not very easy to put an end to a recalcitrant hiccups crisis in the fetus ... You can however try some tips like gently caress your belly, walk a little, change position several times ...