The Tchoupi cake

Your toddler is a fan of Tchoupi? Amaze it with this cup design recipe offered by Anne-Sophie, best pastry chef M6. What to amaze your gourmand!

You need :

  • 1 cake 20 cm in diameter
  • Buttercream frosting
  • 500 g sieved icing sugar
  • 160 g of butter at room temperature
  • 5 cl of whole milk
  • A few drops of liquid vanilla extract
  • Black and orange gel dyes


Prepare the vanilla icing

Using a food processor or an electric mixer, whisk together the icing sugar and butter at low speed until the mixture is smooth and has a sandy consistency. Mix the milk and vanilla in a separate bowl, then add them to the butter mixture by pouring a few tablespoons at a time. Once all the milk has been incorporated, increase the speed of the mixer and continue beating for at least 5 minutes until the icing becomes light and airy. The more the icing is beaten, the softer and lighter it will be.

Transfer Tchoupi's face

Unmould your cake on a serving dish, flat surface up. Spread a thin layer of frosting on the top of the cake, stop at the edges. Keep cool, time to cut the inside of T'choupi's face (the white part). Then empty his eyes, mouths and other facial details to the cutter. Then put this template on the frosting and draw the outline and details with a toothpick or a skewer. No need to press, it just makes the drawings visible on the surface of the frosting.

Prepare the colored icings

Color the frosting of the different colors as you go. Put the frosting well between each color with a film of food and give it a little whip every time. Take a large tablespoon of frosting and color it in black. To obtain a dark black, it takes a lot of coloring, add a little icing sugar if it makes the icing too soft.
Put this black frosting in a pocket with a thin smooth socket and iron on the outlines that you have drawn in the frosting, color eyes. Also draw a circle all around the cake to have the whole T'choupi's head.
Then, color 1 large tablespoon of icing in orange and put it in a pocket with a fine fluted socket.
Pock small orange stars very close to fill the nose of T'choupi. To poach a star: Place your pocket perpendicular to the surface of the cake, press your pocket about 2mm from the cake and release the pressure before lifting your pocket. Then, color 3 large tablespoons of frosting in gray (use black dye but start with a small amount until you reach the gray that suits you).
Put this gray frosting in your pocket with a thin fluted sleeve and put the rest of the frosting (so white) in another pocket.
Fill Tchoupi's face with white stars and his forehead with gray stars.
Let take 20 minutes cool before tasting!