The Minion cake

The Minion cake

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Make cake design with this cake too Minion! Anne-Sophie, Best Pastry M6 shows you how to turn simple yogurt cakes (or other cakes of your choice) into a work of art with sugar dough.


  • 2 cakes of your choice (like yogurt cakes) 15 cm in diameter
  • Butter icing or ganache
  • For decoration
  • 1.5 kg of yellow sugar paste
  • 500 g Atlantic blue sugar dough
  • Brown sugar paste, black, silver, white


Prepare the Minion structure

  1. Attach the flat cake to the polystyrene with a little icing. Place the second curved cake over the first on a layer of frosting. With a knife cut off the top of the curved cake to get a minion head (a little flat above and rounded on the sides). Cover the 2 cakes with a thin layer of frosting (let down some glaze on the polystyrene) and let take 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Prepare the decorations of the Minion

  1. Spread silver sugar paste on 1cm thick and cut out the bezel ring of the minion with a 6cm and a 5cm cookie cutter. Arrange 6 small silver balls all around with some food glue.
  2. Model a dome of white sugar dough about 5cm in diameter and put over a thin disc of white sugar paste and add 2 strips of yellow sugar paste on both sides to form the white of the eye and the eyelids. Take out everything with the 6cm cookie cutter.
  3. Cut a round of 1.5cm brown sugar paste and add a black dot and then a white dot even smaller to form the pupil. Place the ring on the eye and model 2 small rectangles on both sides of the ring to finalize the bezel.
  4. Cut 2 black buttons and prepare mittens and black minion shoes. Prepare the black mouth and add white teeth.

Cover the Minion with sugar paste

  1. Once the icing is set, spread a rectangle of yellow sugar dough long enough to cover the diameter of the cake and wide enough to go up to the height of the Minion glasses. Put this rectangle all around the cake and cut the excess with a knife. Then spread a yellow circle and put it on the dome of the minion's head. Cut the excess at the junction with the rectangle and smooth the weld line. Cut out a strip of black sugar paste 2 cm wide and stick it with a little food glue on the junction of yellow sugar dough. Then glue the eye in the middle.
  2. Attach the minion on the side of a cake pan with a little frosting, eye toward the center of the plate to have room to put the legs. Cut a strip of blue sugar paste to form the bottom of the overalls and a trapeze for the front of the overalls and finally a pocket. Paste all these elements on the body of the minion. Then form 2 yellow pudding for the arms and 2 small blue pudding for the legs. Assemble all body parts (arms, legs, mittens, shoes) with food glue. Finish by cutting and gluing 2 blue straps without forgetting the buttons. Roll over the overalls for seams. Finally glue the mouth and finalize your minion with 6 black hair on the top of the skull.