The trigger in questions

The trigger in questions

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Schedule her delivery and trigger it artificially for reasons of "personal convenience" or for medical reasons, this happens. Advantages and disadvantages of this technique more "medicalized".

Why choose the trigger?

There can be many reasons to opt for this little boost to nature:

  • Have the choice of the person who will give you birth. "When a woman, for example, has privileged the personal relationship with her birth attendant throughout her pregnancy - this is often the case in the private sector - it is perfectly consistent that she asks to give birth at a time when it will be I do not find it shocking to start a delivery before the obstetrician's departure on holiday or during one of his guards ", explains Professor Michel Tournaire, Head of the Gynecology Department at Saint Vincent Hospital. from Paul to Paris.
  • Note also the possibility of obtaining an epidural. All the maternity hospitals, especially the small structures in the provinces, do not have the means to have an anesthesiologist twenty-four hours a day. To be sure to benefit from the epidural if you keep it, you sometimes have to "make an appointment" for delivery during office hours ...
  • Questions of personal organization can also arise. For example, a future dad who will be away because of his work for a given time and does not want to miss this big day. Scheduling delivery also allows some future mothers to provide care for other children.
  • Finally, let's not forget the security argument. "When women give birth in the taxi because they can not get to the maternity ward in time because they live far away, this can lead to serious suffering for the baby." No need to run this risk, it is better then to foresee a trigger for cause. geographical area, "advises Dr. Sauvanet.

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