Paternity and childcare leave

Paternity and childcare leave

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Since 2013, paternity leave has been transformed into "paternity and childcare leave". If this does not change anything for the dads, it now allows any employee, man or woman, living with the mother to benefit from it, regardless of his relationship of filiation with the child.

When does it begin?

  • Paternity and childcare leave must begin within four months of the birth of the child. It is in addition to the three days of absence authorized by the employer for a birth.
  • Its duration: 11 consecutive days and 18 days in case of multiple birth. Since July 1, 2019, fathers whose newborns are hospitalized in a specialized care unit (for premature babies, for example) can benefit from an additional 30 days. To benefit, the father must submit a document justifying the hospitalization of the child to his employer or the Social Security.

Who can benefit ?

  • It is open to any employee regardless of his seniority or the nature of his employment contract (permanent, fixed-term, part-time, temporary, seasonal ...), regardless of his family situation (marriage, PACS, common law, divorce or separation ), regardless of the place of birth or residence of his child (in France or abroad) and whether or not the child is dependent on him.
  • Since January 1, 2013, paternity leave is called "paternity leave and foster child". It is now accessible to any employee living in a conjugal relationship with the mother, regardless of the parentage relationship with the child. In other words, a mother separated from the biological father of her child, or a mother who has made a baby "alone", can ask that her spouse, partner, partner or the person with whom she is pacsée, that he either male or female, benefits from this leave of eleven days (eighteen at multiple births).

What are the steps to take?

  • A person wishing to take advantage of paternity leave shall notify his employer at least one month before the date on which he plans to take it, specifying the one he intends to terminate.

What are the conditions for collecting paternity benefits?

  • It is possible to receive daily allowances throughout the duration of the paternity leave. The conditions to benefit from it are the same as for the maternity leave and they are calculated according to the same principle.
  • To benefit from the daily allowances, you must send to your health insurance fund: a salary certificate completed by your employer, a complete copy of the birth certificate, the updated family record book or the certificate of recognition.

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