Name Harrys - Meaning of origin

Name Harrys - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Harrys is a name of Germanic origin, variant of Henry.

Derived terms heim and rickHarrys means "house" and "king".


No Harrys known so far, maybe your treasure will be?

His character :

Harrys is particularly tender and friendly. It is distinguished by its generous and helpful nature. Harrys likes to take life on the bright side and remains optimistic under any circumstances. He gives real importance to friendship and is protective of those he loves.

By the way, Harrys is someone who appreciates family life. By his funny and charismatic nature, he knows how to relax a tense atmosphere. He is also a being dedicated to solidarity and the community. He will not hesitate to reach out to encourage and help those around him.


Haris, Arie, Aris, Arris, Harris, Harish, Arya, Harith, Arieh, Arys and Aria are derivatives of Harrys.

His party :

July 13th is the date dedicated to Harrys Day. This date commemorates the Emperor of Germany Henry II, crowned in 1002. This monarch owes his fame to the good works he has done during his reign. He promoted, among other things, peace and Christianity in his country. Saint Henri died in 1024.

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