Hakan Meaning - Origin and Names

Hakan Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Scandinavians

Meaning of the name:

In Turkish, Hakan is a masculine given name meaning "emperor", "ruler" or "ruler". Hakan is also a derivative of the Scandinavian name "Håkon" meaning "son" or "descendant". It means "fiery" in American Indian culture.


This name was given by 7 great Norwegian kings.

There are also Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Turkish international footballer, Hakan Yakın, Turkish international footballer of Turkish origin, Hakan Balta, Turkish international footballer Hakan Günday, Turkish writer awarded for his novel "Encore" and winner of the Medici Prize in 2015.

His character :

The Hakan have a natural charisma. True seducers from an early age, they reveal their skill and ease in almost all situations. Fast, the Hakan are not the kind of hasty decisions. On the contrary, their speed demonstrates an ability to take thoughtful initiatives objectively.


Hakan, Hakon, Hagen, Haakon, Haakon, Hagan, Haken, Hakin, Hako, Hakon, Hakyn, Haakim, Haakon, Haashim, Hacan, Hackim, Hackman, Hacman, Hagan, Haggan, Haggen, Haggin, Haggon, Haggun, Haggyn, Hagin, Hagon, Hagun, Hagyn and Hakeam.

His party :

No party known for this name.

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