Guinièvre Meaning and origin

Guinièvre Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

The name Guinevere comes from the germain gen which means "young", from geno which means "race", and from wifa translated as "woman". It means "the young woman".


The name Guinevere is worn by the wife of King Arthur. An archetypal figure of the courtly lady, Guinevere is a multi-faceted character.

The Guinevere are commemorated with Saint Genevieve, patron saint of the city of Paris and gendarmes. This Christian reassured the Parisians distraught by the approach of the Huns in 451. She dedicated her life to the poor and the sick.

His character :

Cheerful and enthusiastic, Guinevere loves to bite life to the fullest. She has a good sense of humor and likes to make people laugh. Friendly, smiling and sweet, she is pleasant to live. Generous and selfless, she is constantly listening to others and does not hesitate to help them when they have problems. Attentive to the needs of her family and full of compassion towards others, Guinevere is a person whose loved ones love to surround themselves. Attracted by beautiful things, Guinevere will be tempted by professions related to aesthetics, creativity, art, gastronomy, etc. Serious and fully dedicated to her work, she often succeeds in her businesses. Posed and thoughtful, she never makes a decision without having meditated on the question. Thanks to his immense qualities, Guinevere is appreciated by his entourage and has all the assets to succeed his life.


Geneva, Genevivo, Gina, Ginette, Gueda, Guelor, Guenael, Guenael, Guenaele, Guenaelle Guenahel, Guendoline, Guenhael and Guenhaelle.

His party :

The Guinevere are celebrated on January 3rd.

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