Prénom Gérardine - Meaning of the origin and the name

Prénom Gérardine - Meaning of the origin and the name

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Gerard, the first name Gérardine comes from the Germanic terms "ger" and "herd" meaning respectively "lance" or "spades" and "hard" or "courageous".


Gérardine O'Flynn is an English producer who has already received the British Academy Film Award for best short film.
Gérardine Wuzburg is a director and American producer. She is best known for her documentary TV movie Autism is a world and won the Oscar for best documentary short film.
A career soldier, Gérard became a Benedictine after the death of his father. Saint Gerard de Brogne founded a Benedictine abbey on the family estate at the end of the 9th century.

His character :

Under cold and haughty tunes, Gerardine is a woman of strong sensibility. A contradictory character, she can be phlegmatic or have mood swings. Somewhat reserved and erased, she knows how to listen to others. Moreover, she has the taste of intimacy and prefers to remain secret. Sensitive and vulnerable, she tends to protect herself from others. When motivated, Gérardine can however show determination and courage. In these cases, she seems dynamic and tries to realize several projects at the same time.

Generous and caring, this woman has the heart on her hand. She has a deep sense of friendship and is often a good counselor. Conciliatory and tolerant, this person hates solitude. Smiling and charming, Gérardine likes to please and seduce. Quite independent, she does not like to settle in love.


Géraldine, Gérardina, Gérarde and Girarda.

His party :

People with the first name Gérardine are celebrated on October 3rd.

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