Name Gaetano - Meaning of origin

Name Gaetano - Meaning of origin

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Gaetano is a masculine given name that comes from the Latin "caietanus" meaning "inhabitant of Caieta". We find it especially in Italy, do you like it?


The Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848), known for his opera, the designer and architect Gaetano Pesce who built the Organic Building in Osaka, or the Swiss footballer Gaetano Berardi.
Gaetano's patron saint was Gaëtan de Thiene, born in 1480, who was encouraged in the path of holiness by his mother. He founded the "Oratory of Divine Love" in 1513. This congregation became "The Order of the Theatines". Saint Gaetan died in 1547.

His character :

Gaetano is of a natural nature tender, sympathetic and sentimental. He knows how to be helpful and is quite willing to give in to the benefit of others ... however, attention to its nervous and nervous nature. It will reassure him ...


Gaetan, Cajetan, Caetan, Gaetana, Kayetan, Kayetana

His party :

Gaetano is celebrated on August 7th.

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