Ervan Meaning and Meaning

Ervan Meaning and Meaning

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Origin of first name:

Celts, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Ervan comes from the Celtic term Aerouant meaning "dragon". Ervan is also the Breton form of the name Yves.

Ervan also has the Germanic root iv having given the ancient name Yvo, itself inspired by the name of a shrub venerated by the ancient Germans.


No Ervan known to this day, perhaps your little prince will be?

Saint Yves was born in 1253 in Armorican Brittany. He studied theology in Paris and law in Orleans. He was then appointed ecclesiastical judge in Rennes, before becoming a country priest in Louannec. He created a hospice to collect old men and an orphanage for disadvantaged children. He defended the poor and peasants against the unscrupulous lords. The local population called him "the advocate of the poor". Saint Yves died on May 19, 1303. He remains to this day the most popular of Breton saints.

His character :

Ervan has a strong sense of family. He has a great respect for family traditions. Because of this attachment to his family, Ervan needs to feel the support and trust of his loved ones to flourish in his life. Independent and autonomous, he rarely asks for help until he has tried everything to get what he wants. Sharing your life and everyday life will be exciting for those who love surprises and hate routine.


Erwan and Erwin.

His party :

Ervan celebrates May 19 in tribute to Saint Yves.

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