Name Edwina - Meaning of origin

Name Edwina - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Edwina comes from the words "ed" which means "wealth" or "happiness" and "win" which means "friend". Etymologically, it means "rich friend".


Edwina Findley is an American actress.
The Edwina are celebrated at the same time as Saint Edwin. Edwin of Northumbria was the founder of the kingdom of Northumbria. This warrior king was one of the most powerful rulers in Britain. Converted to Christianity, he died in a war against pagan kings.

His character :

Edwina is a shy and reserved girl. Deeply lacking self-confidence, she is also hypersensitive and emotional. Because of her introverted side, she constantly needs to feel safe. It is important to respond to this emotional need so that it can flourish properly. Because of her emotional fragility, Edwina is often on the defensive. Prudent and suspicious, she does not trust her easily. With a lively imagination and a great intuition, she often takes the life of the worst side. When faced with difficulties, her reflex is to retreat to protect herself and take the time to think before reacting. In life, Edwina moves slowly, but surely, while making herself as discreet as possible. Most of the time, she keeps her feelings to herself. If his entourage thinks that she has a great deal of control over herself, in reality she is a big nervous.


Edia and Edvina.

His party :

The Edwina are celebrated on October 12th.

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