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The ARS, help for the new school year

The ARS, help for the new school year

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The ARS, the back to school allowance, will be paid to families from August 20, 2019. What are the conditions to qualify? What is its amount? What steps do you take to touch it? We tell you everything!

School supplies, new binder, clothes, books ... back to school is a period of great expense for parents. You may be eligible for the ARS, the Back to School Allowance. For this, you must have at least a child aged 6 to 18 and your resources must not exceed certain limits.

The back to school allowance, for whom?

  • For the autumn of 2019, your child must be born between September 16, 2001 and December 31, 2013 inclusive.
  • Your child must be enrolled in a public or private educational institution or organization (if enrolled with a distance education organization, you are eligible to do so as well).

Your resources of the year 2017 must not exceed:

  • for 1 child: 24 697 €
  • for 2 children: 30 396 €
  • for 3 children: 36 095 €
  • add per child plus: 5 699 €

If your resources slightly exceed the applicable limit, you will receive a reduced back-to-school allowance based on your income.

What amount?

The amount of the Ars varies according to the age of the child. He's from :

  • 368,84 € for a child aged 6 to 10 years old.
  • 389,19 € for a child aged 11 to 14 years old.
  • 402,67 € from 15 to 18 years old.

How to reach the back to school allowance?

  • If you are already a beneficiaryyou do not have to do anything, the allowance is paid automatically.
  • If you are not a beneficiary, you must fill out a file and return it to your Caf. You can download and print it or ask your Caf.

In Mayotte, differences for the ARS

In Mayotte, French insular department, this re-entry allowance concerns children from 6 to 20 years old.

The resources of the year 2017 must not exceed:

  • for 1 child:30 504 €
  • for 2 children:33 277 €
  • for 3 children:36 050 €
  • add per child plus:2 773 €

The amount of the Ars is:

  • 370,90 € for a child in primary school.
  • 391,14 € for a child in college.
  • 404,69 € for a child in high school

More information on the CAF website


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