Baby name: 5 mistakes to avoid

A name is for life. Before the arrival of baby, the choice of the first name is at the heart of all conversations: parents, grandparents, friends, everyone goes in his opinion. If your wish is to be original, there are however 5 clumsiness not to commit.

Error # 1: Brand Names

  • Beyond the mockery that these names could arouse, they are prohibited because they are brand names that belong to the companies that exploit them. This is, for example, the case of Nutella, Ikea, Mini-Cooper or Rolls Royce.

Mistake # 2: First Names with Heavy Fate

  • By the action of those who have worn, some names are difficult to attribute. Thus parents who had the idea to call their child Adolf (Hitler) or Osama (Bin Laden) were not allowed to do so. Same remark for Lucifer, Christ or Messiah.
  • Other hard-to-wear names include heroes whose features are unflattering or onomatopoeia that refers to negative feelings. For example, Titeuf evokes a character of comics who is not very smart, which could serve the child. As for Berk, it is an onomatopoeia that is disgusting. This first name can not be authorized.

Mistake # 3: Wacky First Names

  • Sometimes, it is not a question of law, but of common sense: also the names Vagina, Anal and Clitorine seem particularly inappropriate. The same goes for the choice of parents who certainly had the seafoot: Babord and Tribord - names chosen for their twins - remained at the dock. In the same vein, Happy and Patristic have been swept away. But concerning the names related to fruits, they often escape the legal chopper: Myrtille, Reine-Claude or Mirabelle are allotted, while the name Fraise has been retoque. Also beware of names that designate concepts: Justice could be a problem when Clemence is accepted.

Error # 4: some first names

  • It is not because you associate two names that it can pass. Thus, Prince-William, Princess-Rebecca or Winston-Churchill do not convince the judges.

Error n ° 5: the disharmony with the surname

  • If the disharmony is not subject to a ban, it is better to choose a name that sounds good with your last name. Some first-name associations may be questionable and confusing. To be sure of your choice, read the first name you chose and your last name aloud. Then, repeat the same test but this time with the family name pronounced first while articulating each syllable conscientiously. However, there is no rule to establish a harmony recognized by all. It's up to you to choose the musicality that seems most enjoyable.
  • Small tip: the long names agree better with the short surnames. In general, associations in 5 syllables, 3 for the first name and 2 for the name or vice versa, work well.

What the law says

In France, the law of 8 January 1993 allows parents to choose the first name of their children. In the past, the Civil Registry had the power to register names that seemed more appropriate. Result: thanks to this new provision, the choice has widened considerably and parents have been able to give free rein to their creativity. But not at any price: if there is not yet a blacklist, first names may be refused by the family judges because they can see a negative impact on the child's life.

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