Name Deanna - Meaning of thumbs

Name Deanna - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Very popular in the United States, "Deanna" is the feminine form of "Dean". In the English-speaking world, this name translates to "divine". By extension, it also means "pure", "sublime" or "perfect".
Associated with the name "Diana", "Deanna" evokes the goddess of the moon, woods and hunting in Roman mythology.


Actresses Deanna Durbin, Deanna Russo and Deanna Lund.
Deanna Rix, champion of Greco-Roman wrestling.
Guitarist Deanna Bogart and author and performer Deanna Johnston.
Deanna Nolan, professional basketball player of American origin.
"Deanna" is one of the many women present in the discography of "Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds" through the eponymous title released in 1988 (album: Tender Prey).
One of Star Trek's characters is Deanna Troi.

His character :

Everyday, Deanna is very dynamic and quick-witted. Rather frank, the word "tact" is not part of his vocabulary. However, his confidence, his determination, his ambition and his pride allow him to impose himself immediately in a group. With her leadership temperament, Deanna can experience a successful journey from school to the professional world.


Deann, Deeana, Deanne, Deeanna, Deeann, Deena, Deona, Deana, Dayana, Deon, Deondra, Deonne, Deonna, Deanna and Deane.

His party :

The Deanna celebrate on June 9th.

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