Snow Queen

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Two beautiful princesses, a curse, Scandinavian landscapes and Broadway music ... This Disney animated film, freely adapted from an Andersen tale, has everything to seduce, especially your little princesses. Humor as a bonus! From 5 years old.

What is the story ?

  • Elsa and Anna are two pretty princesses, two inseparable sisters in games and laughter. But Elsa hides a terrible secret: she has the power to create snow and ice. This wonderful gift becomes a curse, when, small, she misses to kill her sister, not knowing how to control her emotions and therefore her magic. She lives then recluse in the kingdom of Arendelle.
  • Come the day Elsa is to become queen of the kingdom of Arendelle. The two young women finally see each other after many years. Anna, who does not have the same responsibilities as her sister, and meets a prince, he looks charming, he tells him that he lives with twelve brothers and sisters who do not pay much attention to him. Love at first sight, Anna decides to get married on the field, which will provoke Anna's anger ...
  • Elsa then fled when she saw that she did not control her emotions, and that the ice everywhere rose ... she went away. Anna will do everything to find her. She meets a young mountaineer and his donkey and a funny snowman.

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