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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Clinton comes from the two Anglo-Saxon words "klin" and "ton" that can be translated as "height and village". Clinton indicates a place, "The village on the heights". The Anglo-Saxon countries being more flexible and more open than the Latin countries with regard to the first names, they easily attribute surnames, names of places or characters of novels to their children, by associating phonetically pleasant syllables. This is particularly the case for Clinton.


Clinton Moore, Australian professional biker and Clinton Jones, Australian footballer.

His character :

Lively and dynamic, Clinton is bubbling with energy. Optimistic, he distills an unparalleled joie de vivre. This strong personality and his sense of communication make him a very appreciated social being. He will already be a small leader in the playground. Epicurean born, he knows how to enjoy the small pleasures of life. Luck is often on his side, which predestines him to a happy life. Imaginative and dreamy, Clinton is able to tell you beautiful fables just to make you happy!

Clinton is passionate and needs motivation to move forward. Wherever he goes, he goes with his heart. A follower of the here and now, Clinton lives essentially in the present moment. He is well aware of his charm and uses it to lead his entourage wherever he wants. Possessing a keen relationship, Clinton adapts to any type of personality. Its presence and finesse contribute greatly to its success. His confidence and self-esteem come largely from the affection of his loved ones.


Clint is the best known derivative of Clinton.

His party :

The Clinton Festival remains undetermined until today.

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