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The princess and the Frog

The princess and the Frog

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Today, we're watching a family story about a princess who turns into a frog! A tale upside down then? Almost, except with Disney, everything ends for the best and toddlers prefer it!

The story

  • Tania is a pretty girl from New Orleans. In his city it sings, it dances! But Tania does not have time to have fun. She wants to succeed, piece by piece, to raise enough money to open her own restaurant, as her father so desired before his death. Meanwhile, tipping is rare in the gargotte where she works day and night ... This is not the case of Naveen, he, a ruined prince of Maldonie, landed in this city for his jazz! It's a real cicada that only thinks of having fun! His lightness throws him into the nets of a voodoo magician who turns him into a frog ...

What your toddler will love

  • The first scene where Tania is a little girl, she listens with Charlotte, her best friend very rich and very spoiled, the tale of Grimm, the Prince and the Frog ...
  • When the heroes are transformed both in frogs! Ugh!
  • The character of Louis, this big, clumsy alligator who dreams of being part of an orchestra.
  • Songs and the beautiful dresses that make you dream.

What you will enjoy ...

  • That finally this very pretty Disney heroine is African-American. And modern with that. Her dream is not to be a princess, but to open her own restaurant. She takes her destiny in hand.
  • Find the charm of the great Disney classics hand-drawn with superb scenery, zany characters and jazz or romantic songs that punctuate the film.
  • By John Musker and Ron Clements, Walt Disney Animation Studios, 1:40.
  • Where to find it?

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