Name Charlemagne - Meaning and origin

Name Charlemagne - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Derived from the Latin Carolus Magnus which means "Charles the Great", Charlemagne is a French given name. Carolus or Charles comes from the German first name Karl meaning "man", "manly", "vigorous" or "strong".


King of the Franks and son of Pepin the Short, Charles the Great, also called Charles I or Charlemagne, became emperor during the year 800 after defeating Saxony, Aquitaine, Bavaria and Italy. Considered the patron of schoolchildren, he developed Christianity during his lifetime. Died in 814, he was canonized by Antipope Pascal III on December 29, 1165, without opposition from the Roman pontiffs.

The singer-songwriter, musician and actor Emmanuel Charlemagne, known to the general public as Manno Charlemagne, was born in 1948 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A former politician, he was mayor of Port-au-Prince from 1995 to 1999.

His character :

Modest and timid, Charlemagne needs to feel confident to be open to those around him. Honest, conscientious and hard-working, he is sometimes a perfectionist in the tasks he performs. Although he expresses little of his feelings, he knows how to enjoy life, remains patient, disciplined and perseverant.


Carolus Magnus, Carlomagno, Carlos Magno

His party :

The Charlemagne are celebrated on January 28th and / or November 4th. November 4 is the day of the celebration of St. Charles, while January 28 marks the feast of Charles the Great or Charlemagne (anniversary of his death).

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