Name Ayla - Meaning of thumbs

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Ayla is a feminine given name that translates as "moon halo" in Turkish. We also find this name in the Hebrew language in which it means "oak".


Ayla Kell, ballet dancer and American actress ("Make it or Break it"), Ayla Nereo, founding American singer-songwriter with her brother Davyd of Beatbeat Whisperer.

His character :

Having a strong personality, the Ayla are volunteer, enterprising, active and courageous. They have great self-confidence and are not easily influenced. Optimistic and persevering, they make every effort to achieve their goals and do not tolerate failure. The Ayla are also passionate about discoveries and adventures and have a great curiosity. They also have a real sense of friendship, but carefully select their friends.


Haila, Aila

His party :

There is no record for the first name Ayla.

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