Name Auxane - Characteristics

Name Auxane - Characteristics

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from the name Euxane, Auxane comes from the Greek "euxenos" translating as "hospitable or welcoming or protective hosts".


Roxane Stateira, the wife of Alexander the Great, is considered as the origin of the name Auxane.
Saint Euxane was a bishop of Milan who died in 568 AD.

His character :

From the outset calm, Auxane is a person full of wisdom who can easily become angry. Hyperactive and alive, she always needs to be in the heat of the moment. Besides, she can not bear feeling useless. Intelligent and balanced, it sets reasonable and achievable goals. Keeping her feet on the ground, she evaluates all options before making a decision. Moreover, Auxane is a serious woman who never acts on a whim. With an iron will, she is always at the end of her projects. Organized and planned, she never leaves anything to chance.
Secret and reserved enough, she does not express her feelings easily. Sometimes lacking self-confidence, Auxane is nevertheless full of insight. She also possesses a gift of persuasion and negotiation conferring on her the qualities of a good leader. As a true diplomat, this woman knows how to choose her words. Very conservative, she is very fond of traditional values ​​and customs. Auxane is attentive and likes to help her neighbor. She is an affectionate woman in search of great love. Friendly and generous, she listens to others and proves good advice.


Auxane and Auxana.

His party :

The people named Auxane are honored on September 3rd.

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