Name Angelo - Meaning of origin

Name Angelo - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Italians

Meaning of the name:

Angelo is a name of Greek origin. Italian version of Angel, it comes from the Greek agellos which means "messenger".


Italian singer-songwriter Angelo Branduardi, American athlete and Olympic champion Angelo Taylor, Italian footballer Angelo Peruzzi ...
Music or sport ... what area for your little Angelo to you?

Angelo's patron saint is Angel, a preacher of the second century. This priest of the Carmelite Order preached against the Cathars and was martyred around 1220.

His character :

Communicative, sociable and talkative, Angelo is one of those who are easily noticed in a group. Loving to look after his appearance, he is also picky in the work, cultivating the sense of detail. Friendly and hardworking, luck smiles easily. Appreciating art, he needs to develop his artistic sense from his childhood.


Angie, Angela, Angela, Angel, Angelina, Angelica

His party :

Angelo is celebrated on May 5th.

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