Name Aliya - Meaning of origin

Name Aliya - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Aliya derives its etymology from a Hebrew word meaning "ascension" or "spiritual elevation". The name alludes to the return to the Holy Land and today to immigration to Israel.


Aliya Fargatovn Mustafina, Russian artistic gymnast, Aliya Garaeva, Azerbaijani gymnast, Aaliyah Dana Haughton, aka Aaliyah, singer, actress, dancer and model of American origin who died in 2001.
Aliya is also the first name chosen by the famous participant of the show Koh-Lanta, Moundir, for his baby girl born in November 2015.

His character :

A woman of character, Aliya shows courage and ambition. Loyal, direct, frank, Aliya is also sensitive and emotional. She is a passionate woman, determined, but deep down, it's a tender heart full of worries for security. On the other hand, her doubts do not handicap her because she remains overflowing with energy. It sometimes becomes difficult to follow, especially when his competitive spirit takes over. To channel this part of her, to make her practice a sport would be perfect.


Aaliya, Aaliyah, Aalya, Aalyah, Alhya, Ali, Alia, Alys, Halia ...

His party :

The Aliya are celebrated on May 9th. It is also possible to celebrate the Alyiah on Ascension Day because of the meaning of their first name.

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