Name Alastair - Meaning and origin

Name Alastair - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Sources of firstname Alastair are alexein and andros, meaning respectively "protect" and "man" or "manly".


International Cricket Player Alastair Nathan Cook; the British author of space opera and hard science fiction Alastair Reynolds; British journalist and writer Alastair Campbell; British actor Alastair Duncan.

Alastair's patron saint is Alexander, a Greek Christian who was arrested, tried and tortured to death around 177 shortly after the persecution of Bishop Pothin and Blandina.

His character :

Alastair easily fascinates his entourage. A born seducer, he influences others by his attitudes, his temperament, his actions and even his words. Sometimes too emotional, he is perfectly able to control his feelings whenever he wants. Dynamic and combative, he does not fear changes. On the contrary, these are spice up his life and amuse him. Bubbling with ideas, he does not hesitate to make every effort to carry out his projects. His ambition and creativity are his assets to reach the summit.

Alastair will have an early sense of humor. By his taste for contact, he will quickly multiply his friends. Flirty and happy, he will be good company. This child will prove authoritarian. His tendency to give orders rather than to obey should be tempered, so that he does not abuse his authority.


The name Alastair has no derivatives.

His party :

Alastair is celebrated on April 22 in honor of Saint Alexander.

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