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Thumb or nipple: advantages and disadvantages

Thumb or nipple: advantages and disadvantages

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On the thumb as on the pacifier, you have heard everything. The best and the worst. What is it exactly? State of play

Thumb or pacifier: why does he like to suck?

  • Already present in utero, this need for sucking gives your baby a great pleasure because it reminds him of the happiness of feeding. And as a toddler can not run yet, jump, in a word let off steam, sucking gives him the opportunity to evacuate his overflow of stress.


His +:

  • It is economical and practical since your child always has it ... on him!
  • The thumb is natural because, unlike the pacifier, it is your toddler himself who puts it in his mouth.
  • It corresponds to the beginning of the natural discovery of one's own body.

His - :

  • You will not be able to throw it away when your child feels "big".
  • He is not (either!) Always clean.

The nipple

His +:

  • It seems to satisfy, and among other things, the physiological need of sucking your toddler.
  • It comforts your baby ... and sometimes even more when you feel helpless in the face of your toddler's crying.
  • When it is dirty, you can sterilize it. The thumb, no!

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