Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup

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Not only is the fungus rich in water, fiber, minerals such as iron and vitamins of group B (especially folic acid which needs increased during pregnancy), but it is also low in sugars and fats .


(For a meal)

  • 50 g of Paris mushrooms
  • 1 leek
  • 1 potato
  • 1 C. fresh cream
  • 1 branch of flat parsley
  • salt


Cut the sandy foot of mushrooms. Wash the mushrooms quickly under cold water and detail them.

Cut the base of the leek. Remove all the big green leaves (they will serve you for a next soup) and keep only the white.

Cut the leek into 4 lengths to wash it well, then cut it into pieces. Peel and wash the potato.

Cook vegetables and parsley for half an hour in 50 cl of slightly salted cold water.

Switch to the mixer. Add the crème fraiche and serve.

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