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Small white buttons on the buttocks, what to do?

Small white buttons on the buttocks, what to do?

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"I noticed lots of little white pimples on the buttocks of my 5 month old baby, what to do?" Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, a pediatrician in Paris, answers Léane's question.

The answer of Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, pediatrician in Paris *

  • Urine, hyper acidity of the stool, maceration inside the layers weaken the baby's epidermis and promote the occurrence of diaper rash, characterized by the appearance of redness with or without pimples in the area of ​​the seat .
  • It is possible that a diaper rash that extends, becomes infected, and gives rise to a mycosis, which can be the case when we see appear white buttons on the buttocks of the baby.
  • Above all, to reduce the discomfort and complications of a diaper rash, avoid the risk of maceration, changing the child very often, cleaning and drying well at the time of change, especially in the folds . Do not hesitate to apply a paste to the water.
  • In case of appearance of white pimples that may indicate mycotic or bacterial overfunction. It is the pediatrician, to consult without delay, who will advise treatment to relieve the baby.

* Author of My child from birth to kindergarten (Albin Michel)

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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