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Patouiller with sand

Patouiller with sand

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Just watch the children play with their bucket, their shovel ... to understand that the sand games, they love!

A clearing activity

  • At the age when they learn about cleanliness, the little ones are fascinated by everything that is ... dirty. Mixing sand and water to form a slush, or "magmas" solid or soft ... that's what fascinates them. They who would like to put their hand in the diaper or pot to check the consistency of their poo! According to the psys, this attraction is part of the construction of their personality. They are in the anal stage!

Long live creativity

  • In the sand, toddlers have fun molding pies, building towers, modeling shapes... Beach games promote motor skills and refine the actions of children. Patouille also develops their intelligence and their ability to concentrate. Finally, thanks to these games, children experience their sense of imagination: create a castle, even with two towers, nothing like to feel wings!

A universal game

  • The sandcastles have always amused young and old and, in fact, a moment of complicity. No question of forcing a baby to get their hands dirty if they can not stand the sand. Because it exists: like little "pigs", we meet manic children who scream as soon as the slightest grain touches them.
  • Do not force them, but try to be tricky hide a shell under a block and help them find it, for example.

Safia Amor with Fabienne Agnès Levine, educational psychologist.

Good to know

Do not forget the hat to protect your child from the sun while playing. And sunscreen, of course!

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