Parenting and women's work: a different view across generations

Parenting and women's work: a different view across generations

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Divorce, parenthood, mothers' work, father's place ... INSEE has studied the evolution of lifestyles and the perception that different generations have of them. Not surprisingly, the older ones favor traditional patterns while the mentality of the younger ones evolves. (News from 03/03/11)

The work of the mothers, yes but ...

  • More than half of those surveyed thinks that a child under 3 is at risk of suffering from the fact that his mother works (53% of men and 49% of women). Housewives are 69% to share this opinion.
  • These opinions are very much dependent on age : under 40, four out of ten adults think there is a possible risk of suffering for these young children when the mother works, compared to seven out of ten for those aged 65 and over.

Parenting, a must?

  • 63% of respondents believe that "to thrive, a woman must have children". A more widespread opinion among the oldest: the 65 years and over are eight in ten to express this opinion, against five in ten in the under 30 years.
  • For men, their parenthood is as necessary to their development as to that of women. A change in attitudes that is gradually being confirmed on the ground: in 1999, men spent an average of 11 minutes per day for their children, compared to 8 minutes in 1975.

Two parents at home, an ideal

  • Although the children living in increasingly diverse family structures, 90% of respondents believe that "to grow up being happy, a child needs a home with a father and a mother".
  • In case of divorce, 42% of people think that it is neither better nor worse for a child to stay with their mother. Again, generation effect, it is the youngest who are least likely to agree that custody is systematically entrusted to the mother: 22% of under-25s versus 45% of those 75 and over.

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