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We create pretty decorative boxes for the holidays

We create pretty decorative boxes for the holidays

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Christmas is coming ! The moment to start thinking about gifts and their decor. With your toddler, store today pretty boxes of cardboard and small pieces of paper.

The material, mainly from the recovery!

  • Boxes : for example cheese boxes, cow style that laugh, which have no smell. They can be used for small jewels. Shoe boxes are equally big or small and still have chocolate boxes.
  • Paper : colorful magazines, silver or gold gift wrappers and still stamps, funny or kitsch wrapping paper labels ...
  • Glue : in the Leisure and Creative stores or paper mills, you will find paper glues. They are not very expensive. They stick and varnish at the same time. Even less expensive, tapestry glues, in DIY stores, can also do the trick. You only have to bind them with a little water.

How do we do it?

  • Ask your toddler to tear up pieces of magazine papers or gift wrap. Cover the box so that they overlap, paste with a brush ... Once the box is covered, you can still add a drawing, a stamp, a photo cut ... Finally, smear again a layer of glue that will varnish the box.

A book

  • Ideas for Christmas. Fingerprints, collages ... in this book of a British publishing house, you will find a wealth of ideas to create garlands, Santa Claus, greeting cards. Great to prepare the holidays or just have fun on rainy days.
  • On sale on, 12,50 €.

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