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The family: a key value for children

The family: a key value for children

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The family, it helps to grow! Gabin, Enzo and Leila give us a very personal definition. And for Dana Castro, psychotherapist, their vision is quite lucid.

Gabin, 4 years and a half

  • "In my family, there's dad, Rose, Gaetan, me and mom, we taste, we eat, we play ... With my grandmother, I wash the potatoes and the salad."

The word of the pro

  • What Gabin shows: he describes us a very concrete family, it is normal at 4 years old. His life is punctuated by reassuring rituals: he tastes, he plays ... The family is a landmark. She brings him a framework that structures it in time, space and everyday life. Thanks to the different individuals who compose it, he broadens his vision of the world: with grandma, we cook, with mom, we taste ...
  • What to do ? A child of this age appropriates his family, learns to find his place there. We need to help him consolidate these links, by telling him about his grandparents, by telling him anecdotes, by creating his own album-photos of the family ...

Enzo, 5 years and a half

  • "The family is when you have parents, brothers and sisters, it's not bored, dads and moms, they make a family ... otherwise they would be all alone, it's better a family."

The word of the pro

  • What Enzo shows: what's the point of the family? To structure his inner life! At age 5, Enzo can associate the concept "family" with an abstract notion: do not be bored. He gives it a relational dimension. Enzo makes a very charming judgment: a family is better than anything!
  • What to do ? Meet his need to communicate more and more importantly. Favor the exchanges: by preparing together a dinner that takes place around a table rather than in front of the TV, by inviting his cousins, by preparing cards together for the new year ...

Leila, 7 years old

  • "The family, it's used to play with cousins, to protect themselves, we can hurt ourselves, grandma, mom, grandpa and dad protect me ... If there would be no parents, there would be no children! 'would not have a house.'

The word of the pro

  • What Leila shows: it is within the family that the child learns to find safety, she is right. An important condition for feeling strong in the world! Leila is at a stage that allows her to introduce abstract notions to the idea of ​​family. She adds a generational landmark with a relationship of cause and effect: no parents, no children!
  • What to do ? 7 years is the age of reason. The child needs to feel safe, but he has to learn to secure himself. To become autonomous is on the program. He can take care of his business, prepare his schoolbag ...

Agnès Barboux with the collaboration of Dana Castro, psychotherapist, author of Ça va pas fort à la maison, The child and the worries of the great, ed. Albin Michel


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