Our selection of books 0-3 years

Our selection of books 0-3 years

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Picture books and books ... your toddler will love from an early age. To help you choose your first readings, here is our selection.

Our selection of books 0-3 years (28 photos)

From 18 months: The Loulous collection of the nursery

Sékou is the clown and Doudou Stella, these are the first two titles in a series of small hardback albums that immerses you in his daily life: the crib. Most ? It is designed with the help of nursery educators, a good way to always stay in touch with your baby's emotions. Because he saw small and big hassle in his day: when he gets stuck his blanket or a little scolding ...
By C. Clément and A. Modéré, Bayard Jeunesse, € 6.90.
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From 2 years: Lucie is gone

Zelda is a very young goose, Lucie an old turtle 127 years old! These best friends in the world share everything. But one day, Lucie leaves, without a word ... characters all round for this little album that addresses with a lot of sensitivity the theme of death.
By S. Loth, North South, € 5.20.
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From 1 year: Orange, apple, pear

Where does all the charm of this little album come from? Mimicry of Gregory, with his big bear's butt that looks like a pear or an apple? From its absurd side? Or the finesse of his illustrations? A real favorite to share with your little one.
By E. Gravett, Kaleidoscope, 10, 20 €.
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From 2 years old: Toc toc toc

We turn the pages of this house-shaped hardback like doors open. What is behind each? From the storage room in the refrigerator to the window, a skillful play on the notion of the outside-inside, to which a sensible dimension is given by what the objects reveal of the life in a house.
By A. Herbauts, Casterman, The Casterman Albums, 14.50 €.
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From 1 year: Vroum! Vroum!

François Delebecque explores all the possible vehicles, from the motorcycle to the quad through the truck. With a very simple formal principle: a black silhouette that must be lifted to discover the photographed object. A classic future that, through its theme and its carefully crafted surprises, should be a great success with young readers.
By F. Delebecque, The Great People, 15,50 €.
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From 1 year: Wednesday

A blue square and a small orange circle invite to the game of transformations. It is Wednesday, we have time and beautiful white pages. It is the largest, the blue square, which gives the themes - butterfly, flower ... - but it becomes too difficult for Petit Rond. It is better to play together: the possibilities are more numerous. Words weave shapes, or conversely, and bounce into a joyous dynamic. By A. Bertier, MeMo, Toddler Memories, € 15.20.
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From 2 years old: At the zoo

The bear and its soft hair, the rhinoceros and its thick skin ... full of sensations with this pretty book to touch.
Two Golden Roosters, coll. All sweet, 3,41 €.
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From 1 year: Touch-touches the farm

This time, your little reader explores the soft wool of the sheep, the hair of the cow, but also the rough soil of the barnyard.
Helium, 9,70 €.
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From 1 year: My picture of wild animals

Your budding naturalist will admire the zebra, the elephant, the tiger, the snake ... and plunge the dolphin into the sea.
By N. Choux, Nathan, coll. Kididoc, € 7.95.
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From 2 years old: Hush, it's a surprise ?!

Satin fabrics, velvet, feathers ... Your child will explore many materials with this colorful album. Best of all, this walk in the forest leads him to his favorite theme: the birthday!
By Virginie Aladjidi and Géraldine Cosneau, Hatier Youth, € 5.30.
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From 2 years old: Long live the ocean

The dolphin, the octopus, the crab ... your baby will be fascinated by all these pop-up marine animals that leap out of the pages.
Minipops collection, 5,95 €.
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From 2 years old: The Big Picture of the little ones

His pages are teeming with everyday life at home, the garden, the school, and some mischievous characters.
By O. Könnecke, The School of Leisure, 12,20 €.
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From 18 months: Smack

This one is part of the Zip la Boum collection which plays with happiness with onomatopoeia.
By Emile Jadoul, ed. Casterman, 5,12 €.
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From 2 years: My body

A book from the Kididoc collection with zippers and materials to help your toddler discover his body through animations (grow the boy, help the girl to brush her teeth ...).
By A. Graux, Nathan, 10,95 €.
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From 6 months: I go to bed

This beautiful image to touch puts words on all the cozy universe of your baby and accompanies it in the ritual of the bedtime.
Matters to touch to play to name the objects of the evening.
The bedtime is presented in pictures page by page to make the child aware of the objects around him.
By A. Graux, Milan, € 11.50.
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From 6 months old: Picoti, Picota!

A hen on a wall, The little beast that rises, So do, do, do ... 10 nursery rhymes to rediscover with regard to fantasy drawings and photos. To read, to sing and to mime together.
By A. Louchard, Bayard Youth, € 10.90.
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From 1 year old: To be a big bad wolf ...

It takes a raspy tongue, sharp teeth ... A book to touch to be - a little - afraid, but not too much! A book that will delight your toddler.
By B. Guettier, Casterman, € 12.95.
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From 18 months: The Castle

How to protect oneself from the bad guys? This is the problem of Tromboline and Foulbazar. And as always, since 15 years that Claude Ponti follows them in their adventures, our luminous chicks will find solutions! A beautiful tribute to the genius of babies.
By C. Ponti, The School of Leisure, 6,18 €.
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From 2 years: My picture of the nursery school

Classrooms, canteen, games, recess, toilets, learning, parties ... all day long, and even your child's year, can be found in this school-only picture book . The opportunity to interact with your toddler, not always talkative at the end of school: "You also have a reading corner at school and your mistress reads you what book?"
Ed Milan, 12.50 €.

From 2 years: Baby

A baby okay! But a boy to play with ... Deliciously vintage, this album puts the right words on the ambivalent emotions of the future big brother.
By H. Oxenbury and J. Burningham, Flammarion, The Albums of Father Castor, 15.50 €.
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From 18 months: All the clothes

There are the pants of Gaston and Manon, the bikini of Rosalie ... How to imagine, this little album presents on each double-page a garment and its happy owner. Sure, with rhymes we retain better! The latest in a very colorful series.
By Bisinski-Sanders, The School of Recreation, 10,70 €.
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From 6 months: My picture of baby animals

A kitten with a soft belly, three little chicks with silky down. On the right, baby animals. On the left, the mothers who reassure. An adorable image that is part of a very successful collection where your baby is invited to discover the world with all its senses. ?
Ed. Nathan, 9,48 €.
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From 2 years old. Just one last hug!

She is naughty this mouse. Like your baby, who needs a whole ritual to go to bed. A story to read before going to sleep of course!
By C. Jayne Church, ed. Albin Michel youth, 20,12 €.
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From 18 months: Ten little kisses

1 little kiss of the evening, 2 little kisses hugs for dad and for mom ... 5 little kisses for all the little fingers. It will be necessary to associate the gesture with the word to make this rhyme to count the kisses even more funny ...
By A. Sanders, The School of Leisure, 10,70 €.
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From 2 years old: The Family Gribouillis

Tell my mother, how are babies made? Read to your curious this album funny, direct, inventive! The author scribbles a tender love story that makes us want to scribble many others. A tour de force side illustrations.
By E. Manceau, Milan Youth, € 6.90.
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From 2 years old: It's up to me first

Big sister does not want to play with little sister. She prefers to be alone in drawing or building. Little sister is jealous. Sentimentary mine, frowning brows: the expressions plunge us closer to what is played in the siblings.
By Soon-Hee Jeong, Didier Youth, 11,90 €.
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From 2 years old: In lazy forest

The forest of the lazy little mane is dangerously threatened by men: over the pages, machines invade the space and trees are becoming scarce ... But what a pleasure, by pulling on the last little tab of paper, to see the news shoots appear! A beautiful animated book, full of optimism, to talk about ecology.
By A. Boisrobert, L. Rigaud, S. Strady, Helium 45,95 €.
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From 1 year old: Birds

With this colorful and sonic image, it is not a question of recognizing the noise of the cow or the pig. Too easy ! But rather to distinguish the song of the pigeon that coos, the magpie who chatted ... Subtle!
My little sonic pictures, Gallimard Jeunesse music, 10 €.
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