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Adaptation in nursery, how does it work?

Adaptation in nursery, how does it work?

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Side parents and side pros, the beginnings of your child at the nursery, it is organized! Successful integration is based on progressive separation and mutual knowledge. Djemila Grémaud, manger director, unveils some tips of pros on the adaptation in nursery.

This nursery place, you covet it ... But separation is not easy to live so far. You may say that you are not the first to go back to the office and that you have never heard of children traumatized by the nursery, you do not lead. "It is believed that the time of adaptation of one to two weeks organized by nurseries is for the child.Not only, explains Djemila Grémaud, director of nursery in Strasbourg.This time is planned also for the parents, as well as for the person who will welcome the child, and ensure its integration.This trio needs to exchange and establish a relationship of trust to establish a safe environment where the child finds his place. returned to the nursery.

Adaptation in nursery: parents side

  • Accept the idea that separations are useful. For a few months, you lived together "stuck-tight" with your little one. Now you have to get back to your daily work and live separate from it every day. With his entry into a nursery, you must also accept that he takes his first steps in the social and collective life, weaves other links, leads his little life in your absence ... Not always easy to live, not insurmountable either! Listen to your own emotions and do not hesitate to tell your baby that you are sad, or to the educators ... It is often easier when things are expressed.
  • Anticipate! During the holidays, entrust it half a day or a day to his grandparents or friends he knows well. Avoid returning from holidays at the last minute: he needs to find his bearings before discovering a new universe.
  • ask questions. "Parents often ask us to explain how to do it when a child is crying, how a typical day is going and what activities are offered to the children.The on-site team is available to reassure them and answer their questions. It's important to leave your child with confidence, there are no stupid questions, "says the director.
  • Avoid going to the nursery in a hurry. Take the time necessary for your preparation in the morning, so as to devote yourself primarily to your child before departure.
  • Do not make farewells last! Leaving it, you will gradually get used to leave the room by telling your toddler the time of your return. Of course, he does not know how to tell the time yet, but he understands with your reassuring intonations that you are not worried. As the days go by, you will extend your absence period by step until it is well integrated.

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