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Remember multiplication tables

Remember multiplication tables

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2 times 1 = 2; 2 times 2 = 4; 2 times 3 = 6 ... A little air of already heard? In all weathers, on all tones, in all cases, you have to be re-wired! Here's how it works in class and how to help your schoolboy at home.

  • From the CE2, the memorization of multiplication tables becomes a must in the three years of cycle III. Better to attack from the beginning to be quiet then. Especially as our grandmothers told us, "the tables are like riding a bike, it's not forgotten!"

When does it start?

  • Even if the learning of the tables is systematic starting from the CE2, your child is confronted from the CE1 : construction of the table, use, beginning of memorization and, above all, automation of multiplication by 10 (in mental calculation, your child must know that multiplying by 10 amounts to adding a 0).
  • At the end of cycle III, a good knowledge of the tables is essential and mandatory in order to calmly tackle the 6th.

In class, how long does it last?

  • Tables are used virtually at all math sessions : multiplications, divisions, small problems, measurements of lengths, perimeters, etc.
  • If at CE2 their memorization takes an important place, in the two following levels, simple revisions and evaluations are put in place.
  • Your child to see them regularly by himself.

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