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Madagascar 2

Madagascar 2

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Once is not custom, opus 2 of the Madagascar series is frankly better than the first! So, this weekend, we rent the DVD and we prepare a TV set together? The party for your aspiring movie buff ...

What is the story ?

  • They are all here! The Alex lion, the Marty zebra, the Melman giraffe, and our favorite, the sparkling hippo Gloria. All the gang of former boarders escaped from the New York Zoo in Central Park.
  • Here they are stranded in Madagascar. As we know them, they obviously have more than one trick in their bag to get out of this mess. Except that with the plane wreck repaired by their penguin friends, they land ... in the depths of Africa! A great opportunity for each of our heroes to meet their real family in a natural environment ...

What your little one will love

  • As for Shrek from the same Dreamworks studios, Humor is more for adults. But the film connects the visual gags. Lady hippo snoring everywhere will make your child laugh!
  • There are the good guys (our four friends who sometimes argue) and the bad guys, especially this lion who tries to divide Alex and his father ... grrr!

For what age?

  • The film is for the general public from 5-6 years old. But the interest of the DVD is that your little movie buff can be partying from 3-4 years. Nothing prevents him, if he falls of sleep, to see more the following day!

Madagascar 2, by Eric Darnell and Tom Mc Grath, Dreamworks Studios, 1:35.

Where to find it?

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