Cookbooks for kids: our favorites

Cookbooks for kids: our favorites

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Treat yourself to a moment of shared indulgence with your toddlers or grown-ups, thanks to these really cool books that we have found for you and that you can also offer them.

Cook with a toddler

  • A few tips:
  • Take the time to read the recipe to the child, before starting. This allows you to explain some words if necessary, and then you will be fully in the making.
  • For the toddlers, the gestures they prefer are a shambles: stir, crush, knead. Their time of concentration being limited, think to prepare the utensils and the ingredients in advance, putting them in plastic containers, that it will only have to pour in the salad bowl, which you will choose well stable and wide. From 4/5 years old, you can take measurements with him.

Our choice of books:

Tchoupi: my super simple recipes, from 2 years old, by Thierry Courtin, Nathan, 13,90 €

  • This book offers 25 recipes adapted to small, very simple and good, illustrated by the famous little penguin T'choupi who puts on his chef's hat. For lunch, afternoon tea, an aperitif or a birthday, the child will be able to realize with you dishes to taste together. The recipes are known, it is the graphics and the character of T'choupi that will appeal to very young cooks.

My chef's cakes, for ages 3-6, from Pierre-Oliver Lenormand, Milan, € 15.90

  • Pierre-Oliver Lenormand, chef of a Parisian restaurant and winner at the age of 17 of the French desserts championship, also makes some very nice cookbooks for children. This one offers about fifty recipes entirely illustrated and explained step-by-step. Parents will appreciate the solidity of the book with washable pages, children are conquered by the illustrations that can understand the unfolded even without knowing how to read.

Cook with a bigger

  • A few tips:
  • From 6 years old, the child can handle a table knife (with a round tip, and under your supervision), which widens his field of action to cutting. As soon as he is in the learning age of reading, he will be proud to decipher the recipe with you, before realizing it. Plan this reading time just before.
  • From 8 years, everything is possible or almost. We must of course control the use of robots and cooking, which remain dangerous without supervision.

Our choice of books

Little gourmets in the kitchenfrom the age of 6, by Odile Bailloeul, Laura Annaert, Claire Curt, Ulmer Editions. Release October 18, 2018. € 14.95

  • This very beautiful book was written by several hands of three talented women. A cook author of the to concoct cool recipes, a designer to make a tribe of crisp mice, and an inventive photographer. In the end, here is a really adorable book for children that should appeal to adults with its original graphics, simple recipes and current (crunchy granola chicken skewers, through the homemade spread). They are divided into four chapters: breakfast, starters, dishes, desserts. We also like the little mouse tips for choosing good products for your health.

4-handed cooking: parents and children, to each his mission!, from 6 years, collective work, Hachette cuisine, € 19.95

  • This robust big book (A4 format) presents in a clever way 100 recipes to realize in duo adult-child, with each one his missions. It will particularly appeal to grandparents who want to cook with their grandchildren and be a little guided for that. The recipes are simple and of quality.

100% excellent! The 120 best recipes of Astrapi, from 7 years, collective work, Bayard editions, 16,90 €

  • The easel format is very popular with children, it allows to visualize well the recipe that we realize. We also find the lively spirit of the magazine Astrapi, with a light tone that speaks directly to children and the friendly illustrations of Henri Fellner. The recipes for their part are simple and delicious.

Simplissime: Disney, the world's easiest family kitchen, from 8 years old, of J.-F.Mallet, Hachette, 14,95 €

  • You probably know the collection SIMPLISSIME, these big books that present in the form of photos recipes indeed ultra simple, achievable with few ingredients. The author offers this time a collection of 100 recipes with 2 to 5 ingredients, each associated with a Disney character. Which makes the recipes more attractive for children a bit reluctant to new flavors.

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