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The photophores create the atmosphere

The photophores create the atmosphere

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The photophores ... essential to brighten the summer evenings. Take advantage of your time to create photophores with your little handyman. In anticipation of beautiful evenings for all summer ...

You need :

  • Small glass jars, not too high. For example, small pots of your baby or yogurt old fashioned.
  • Silk papers of all colors: purple, fuchsia, plum, orange ...
  • A brush or a brush quite thick.
  • Vinyl glue.
  • So many candles warmer than small pots.

We tear, we stick

  • Ask your little handyman to tear pieces of tissue paper.
  • Coat small jars with glue vinyl.
  • Paste the pieces of paper one by one on the small pots.
  • Pass a layer extra glue, then let it dry.
  • There is more than to deposit all these small pots on a festive table. It's very beautiful when the night falls ... Around these happy little flames, tell jokes, memories of childhood, school anecdotes! Unforgettable evenings for your child.

1 book to learn more

  • Quick to perform, not expensive, the tealight holders decorated with tissue paper are a classic DIY. You will find all the stages and many other activities for all summer in "Creative Girls 4-7 years", a book of activities of Father Castor, Flammarion editions, 12 €. Learn more.

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