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The Legendaries and Lou, today's comic book heroes

The Legendaries and Lou, today's comic book heroes

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Of course, Spirou, Asterix and Tintin are always on top, and immortal with that! But still, at recess, your 8-12 year olds only talk about them! Who? Lou and the Legendaries, let's see! Spotlight on these heroes well in their time.

Lou, who is it?

  • It's the darling of girls. The author? Julien Neel! Among his fans, mainly pre-teenagers aged 10-12, but there are also some 6-year-old princesses and obviously many moms. Julien Neel also adapts nicely to age and always asks: "I draw Lou or his mom?"
  • Lou is preado, she lives alone with her hilarious mother (we know she was abandoned by the father when she was pregnant). In the album No. 5, Lou just had a little brother we meet especially in the last album.
  • Each page is hilarious, a little skit all by itself, we love when Lou and his mom invite the neighbors and lovers for Valentine's Day, they make the "dance of joy" or when they have to support the granny who, Normally, lives in Mortebouse ... It must be said that it cooks only Brussels sprouts!
  • By Julien Neel, published by Glénat.
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The legendary, who is it?

  • 5 heroes, real ones, even if from the first volume, they lose their power. They embody the nobility, courage, intelligence. They are tall and strong but after a fight against the dark wizard Darkhell, they find themselves in childhood ...
  • This series - with graphics inspired by manga - is a huge success! It ranks 2nd in the best comic book sales, just behind the adventures of Tintin and Asterix!
  • Among his fans, tweens 8-12 years, maybe more boys but girls love too! The preteens have grown, over the years, the scenario is getting tough, becomes a little darker opposing forces of evil and forces of good.
  • If your child does not yet know the series, opt for the first volume, less dark than the last in the series.
  • By Patrick Sobral, published by Delcourt.
  • Where to find them?

Agnes Barboux

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