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DIY ideas from Kokeshi

DIY ideas from Kokeshi

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Bookmarks, door signs to not be disturbed or display his mood, labels for his books and notebooks ... quickly discover our good DIY ideas in the company of Kokeshi, these little Japanese dolls that children love.

Lucky Kokeshi

These little 4-leaf clovers with the image of Kokeshi dolls bring happiness! A diy too cute to decorate her room or to offer to her friends.

A DIY happiness.

Kokeshi postcards

"Hi, I'm having a good time ..." A map is always a pleasure. These are too kawai and will please your little vacationer. What to impress the friends ... or his grandma!

A DIY souvenir.

The Kokeshi mobile

What are cute little dolls that will compose this pretty mobile! An easy DIY, to propose to your child to decorate his room. Print the dolls, cut, glue and hang them on nylon threads of different lengths that you fix on a stick.

A DIY decoration.

Kokeshi labels

Notebooks, diaries, binders, books ... give your schoolgirl the chance to personalize back-to-school supplies with these 15 Kokeshi labels. Success guaranteed!

15 adorable labels!

15 labels Kokeshi gift packages

For whom ... this nice gift? Everyone will know it quickly thanks to these pretty Kokeshi labels to print and hang on or stick on Christmas gift packs. They are so beautiful ... it's our Christmas present!

Our DIY party.

Kokeshi fir clothes

My beautiful Christmas tree, king of ... Christmas balls and garlands, it is perfect to decorate the tree but, this year, innovate with Kokeshi fir clothes. A DIY idea to share with your children to prepare Christmas with your family.

So beautiful !

Kokeshi collages

Cool ! These Kokeshi collages are too kawai! The ideal to decorate the pages of his diary, his diary, small storage boxes ... Fiile or boy, there is something for everyone!

Cut and decorate!

Kokeshi door plates

"I'm storing!" "I'm working!" "I'm reading!" "I'm playing!" "Smile day" "Come back later ..." "Girlfriend party" ... Nothing better than posting the message on the door handle from his room! With these 6 plates with the image of Kokeshi, it's a breeze.

Do not disturb !

Kokeshi bookmarks

To not lose the thread of its reading, it is useful a bookmark. And when he is in the effigy of dolls Kokeshis, it's even more fun! Here are 3 models too kawai to print-cut-paste ... you're done.

Good reading !

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DIY ideas from Julie Kokeshi magazine (Milan Presse)

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