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Wolf Children and Boy

Wolf Children and Boy

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Are you looking for a DVD idea for your "big" 9-10 years old? Here are two films not to be missed Les Enfants Loups et Boy, two beautiful stories that talk about education and go off the beaten path ...

From 9 years old: The Wolf Children

  • What is the story ? With the brutal disappearance of her husband - a wolf man - Hana leaves the city with her two "different" children. Ame and Yuki are, like their father, half human, half wolf, and metamorphose according to their mood. Courageous, Hana lets them live, run and follow their path ...
  • Why is it good? Superb tribute to mothers, this film strongly attacks the themes of education and difference. The important thing for Hana is to raise her children as they are: Soul, darker, will remain wolf, playful Yuki will join the clan of humans.
  • By Mamoru Hosoda, Studio Chizu, Kazé, 1:57.
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From 10 years old: Boy

  • What is the story ? We all need a hero! Besides Mickael Jackson, that of Boy, 11, is all found: his father he has not seen for 7 years! When the living god arrives one day in a leather jacket with his gang, Boy is subjugated. The hero is bad, we realize it quickly.
  • Why is it good? All the richness of the film comes from this child's gaze, admiring at all costs. Boy sees his father as a samurai, a pop star, a savior ... until the day the little Maori confronts reality. This film, sometimes hard, but full of energy, has subdued the New Zealanders.
  • By Taika Waititi, Les Films du Préau, 1 h 28.
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