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The Santa Claus secretariat is open!

The Santa Claus secretariat is open!

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The countdown before Christmas is launched. The opportunity for your little one to write his letter to Santa Claus. Quickly, a pen, an envelope, a destination ... Libourne, where the Santa Claus secretariat is waiting for his mail. He also accepts mails!

Write to Santa, a breeze

  • Soon the holidays and your child is talking to you (already!) all day long about Santa Claus? And if, to wait, he wrote to him, with your help, a pretty letter? Created in 1962, by the Minister of PTT at the time, Jacques Marette, the Libourne sorting center in Gironde collects every year all the letters addressed to the old man in red.
  • This year it opens on Wednesday 6th November and the first responses from Santa Claus's secretariat will be dispatched from November 18, 2019.
  • An activity that does not know the crisis Last year, Santa Claus' official secretariat received more than one million children's letters from 132 countries and is waiting for less this year. With its 60 secret elves recruited especially for the occasion, this service makes every effort to meet every child. Provided you send your letter before December 17 and do not forget to include the name, first name and address of your toddler on the back of the envelope ...
  • No need to put a stamp (write to the old man with a white beard is free) and indicate "Santa Claus" on the envelope is enough because he is famous! Otherwise, it is also possible to send the letter to: Santa Claus, rue des Nuages, North Pole or even: Santa Claus, 33 500 Libourne, France.
  • A drawing is good! Santa also likes gifts! And what if your child added a nice drawing to his letter? Discover our special Christmas colorings.

Santa is connected and also accepts e-mails!

  • It's possible ! Santa has evolved with his time despite his age and of course has an internet connection and can read e-mails. In 2018, he received 95,000!
  • For that it's easy, Santa's website has already opened. Your children can write with nice options to customize, discover a magic workshop with 12 suprises or a section "Christmas around the world" to explore the world map and discover how to say "Merry Christmas" in Chinese, English, in Italian and many other languages.

Did you know ?

In the 60s, Françoise Dolto, the sister of Minister Jacques Marette, was the first secretary of Santa Claus. She wrote the answer to the children: "... JI do not know if I can bring you what you asked me. I will try, but I am very old and sometimes I am wrong. You must forgive me. Be wise, work well. I'm kissing you strongly. "

The letter to Santa: our video.