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The Secret of the North Star

The Secret of the North Star

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A classic Christmas tale, what do you think? An evil witch, a brave orphan, a benevolent Santa ... The Secret of the North Star, adapted from a popular Scandinavian tale, sprinkles all the ingredients you need to hang your child.

The story

  • A little orphan, Sonia, manages to escape from her terrible host family ... In her fugue, she crosses the king and proposes to him to go to seek the star of the North. But that star, the king cursed it a few years ago when her daughter was kidnapped by a witch, then plunging her kingdom into distress.
  • In his quest, Sonia meets a lot of obstacles, but also friends to help her: a goblin, a bear with speech, the north wind and, of course, Santa Claus.

What your child will love

  • The rhythm of the film The story begins with a narrative: "Once upon a time, there was a very pretty princess named Angel's Loop ... One Christmas Eve ..."
  • The adorable heroine with blond curls like the wheat, his courage, his kindness.
  • The magic of certain scenes, like the one with Moussu, the goblin who throws a powder on Sonia to shrink and hide it or the north wind that carries Sonia in the air.
  • Santa at work, surrounded by all his elves. He declares that everyone has his tree and that that of wise children is ... very green! Like Sonia's!

What you can enjoy too

  • No prodigious effects for this unpretentious film that relies mainly on the screenplay. Which is relaxing. You can go with your child from 5 years without fear that nightmares at night! (There are some bad guys, but nothing terrifying!)
  • Discover a classic tale which is part of the Norwegian imagination. Not a Christmas without the Secret of the North Star, an adaptation of 1974, do not spend there on television ...

What can annoy ...

  • Some pictures that could have been avoided, the wicked witch is very brown, the good little blonde girl ...
  • The film lacks a real magic. He is full of good feelings, very naive, probably a little long. But while waiting for a more successful adaptation, this tale will immerse you in the magic of Christmas.

Directed by Nils Gaup, 1 h 22.

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