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Behind the scenes of the canteen

Behind the scenes of the canteen

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They are very far from the messy dining halls and the eternal ham-shell plates. Today, the canteen is products of quality, comfort and qualified personnel. Tour of the popotes ...

How are the meals prepared?

Public school canteens depend on municipalities that decide how meals are prepared.

  • Schools with kitchens prepare meals on site. To do this, they employ municipal staff or ask the "school catering" branch of catering companies to provide either the ingredients or the already prepared meals that will be reheated at the canteen. These companies can also send teams to cook on site.
  • When dishes are prepared outside the school, purchases and kitchens are centralized in order to lower the cost of meals. The production capacity of these "central kitchens" ranges from a few hundred meals to a few thousand, dispatched to several schools in the same district or municipality. Two kinds of links to schools are possible. Both are intended to prevent the introduction of any bacteria during transport.
  • The hot link As soon as they are ready, meals are brought to the school, placed in insulated containers keeping them at a temperature above 63 ° C.
  • The cold connection As soon as they are prepared, the food is placed in a cooling cell, which refrigerates them very quickly. One to three days later, they are transported in trucks keeping them below 10 ° C, then stored in cold rooms.

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