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Musicals, family is great!

Musicals, family is great!

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On DVD, share musicals with your family. They give you a furious desire to sing, dance and laugh ... like on Broadway! Your toddler loves their festive side.

Why does your child so much like musicals?

  • They are happy. The music hooks your little spectator fascinated by the miracle of the sung voice. He finds it natural that the actors suddenly start singing. If the films are a little long, plan to watch them in two or three times, just to fuel the suspense ...


These films that are so dreamy, you will find them inevitably in your municipal DVD library ...

From 4 years : The Wizard of Oz

  • Dorothy's story, little girl propelled by a cyclone "beyond the rainbow" is a huge classic. In this magical world, Dorothy meets a hideous witch. Only the Wizard of Oz can help her come home! She goes to look for him and on the road, she meets a scarecrow who has no brains, a man of iron who has no heart, a lion who has no courage. A fantastic tale that he wants to see in a loop all his childhood!
  • By Victor Fleming, The Wizard of Oz, with Judy Garland, 1:38, Warner.

From 4 years: Annie

  • Annie, adorable redhead, lives in an orphanage run by the ugly Miss Hannigan until the day her life meets the life of a billionaire who takes her home. This gentleman is not used to children and he is often annoyed by this mischievous little girl. Meanwhile, a couple of mobsters pretend to be Annie's parents ... Adapted by the great John Huston, this musical is an enchanting melody.
  • By John Huston, with Albert Finney, 2 hrs.

From 5 years old: Mary Poppins

  • Two imps, Jane and Michael, who we do not care about will be taken in hand by a nanny not quite like the others. Tender, funny and magical, Mary Poppins takes them to a world full of chimney sweeps and songs ...
  • By Robert Stevenson, with Judie Andrews, 2:13, Walt Disney.

From 5 years old: Donkey Skin

  • Love, love, amouuuuuur .... your princess will dream of whole days of this beautiful princess and her moon-colored or sun-kissed dresses ... This magnificent tale also speaks with poetry of the greatest of taboos: incest. A must for your children just out of the oedipal turmoil.
  • By Jacques Demy, after Charles Perrault with Catherine Deneuve, 1:30, Cine Tamaris.

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