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Discovery classes, only benefits for your child!

Discovery classes, only benefits for your child!

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Too expensive, too complicated to set up, discovery classes have dropped nearly 30% in 10 years! What a pity since, parents, you plebiscite! A reason, because they bring a lot to your child.

Parents side, you plebiscite classes of discoveries *

  • 9 out of 10 parents think the experience is rewarding for the child. 96% of parents think this is an opportunity for the child to learn to live together. It is certain that children weave different links from their everyday life in school, it is an enchanted parenthesis where they leave their "role" usual.
  • 94% of parents think that the child is full of discoveries and experiences. It is for example often in class of snow that the children are initiated for the first time with the ski. An apprenticeship that will remain their life, especially as children, we have much less apprehension and accidents are much more rare. To leave is also the occasion to enrich oneself, to discover a flora, a fauna, landscapes, a different climate and still to taste new dishes ...
  • For 93% of parents, discovery classes are also a way to empower the child. Of course, far from mom and dad, we learn to fend for ourselves like a big guy!
  • 92% think it's a breath of fresh air: discovery classes bring precious memories to children. It is not uncommon for these trips to be the source of passions and vocations. Not to mention that every year, 3 million children do not go on vacation.
  • A flat with general enthusiasm. 38% of parents also recognize that it is stressful to separate from your child.

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