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The benefits of reading aloud

The benefits of reading aloud

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The school has just closed and it smells like holidays ... Do not forget the books in your luggage! Holidays are the perfect opportunity to take the time to read with your child. And what's better than reading aloud to give him the taste to read? This one develops by sharing! This is the conviction of Delphine Saulière, editor-in-chief of J'aime lire.

The magazine J'aime lire is intended to give the taste of reading to its readers. It offers novels every month in various genres (comedy, mystery, adventure ...) and also games and comics. Meet Delphine Saulière, her editor-in-chief, who advises us on the ideal shared reading during the holidays!

1) Many parents want their child to love reading. Are holidays not a good time to wake up - or to wake up - the pleasure of reading?

  • Holidays are an ideal time because we are more available. We have a little more time to interact with our child. We can do it by playing, by putting ourselves at his level to become a play partner. We can also do it by reading aloud for him.

2) What is special about reading aloud?

  • Telling a story aloud creates a very rich interaction. We share the pleasure of escaping from the real world to return to another world together, thanks to the musicality of the words, thanks to the evocative power of the illustrations, and thanks to the strength of the story. We also share the pleasure of being side by side, a pleasure all the more powerful that we may have known ourselves a child and we want to transmit it ...

3) Not all parents feel good at reading aloud ...

  • It is not because one is not an actor that one does not know how to read aloud! I believe that many parents do not imagine the pleasure of reading a story aloud! It really creates an interaction, the child will put himself in a relationship of capturing the voice of the adult (voice that is completely different from the voice we have in discussions) and another relationship is established, more sensitive, more emotional.

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