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The Lion King

The Lion King

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Like your youngest child, young cub Simba is curious, fearless ... This heir to the throne of Africa will have to face his destiny and resume his place in the cycle of life. A movie to see from 4 years.

What is the story ?

  • On the Highlands of Africa reigns an all-powerful lion, King Mufasa, whom all the guests of the jungle respect for his wisdom and generosity. His young son Simba knows that one day he will succeed him, but he is far from guessing the trials and sacrifices imposed on him by the exercise of power.

Will it please him?

  • Yes and no doubt to you also thanks to the magic of Africa, the haunting music and the beautiful landscapes.
  • You do not find it on the shelf? And for good reason, we must wait seven years before finding on sale the great Disney classics, in Blu-ray and boxed! So it's the turn of the Lion King, the biggest success of the famous studios.
  • Walt Disney, 1 h 24, 19,99 €.
  • Where to find this DVD?


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