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Breakfast is no longer popular

Breakfast is no longer popular

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A Crédoc study reveals that only 87% of children aged 3 to 12 have breakfast during the week, compared to 91% in 2003, when this meal is essential to start the day off. They are also more likely than before to take it alone.

  • The importance of breakfast on the intellectual and physical abilities is no longer to prove. This first meal of the day should represent 25% of the total daily energy intake. Yet, this is far from being an absolute rule in many families: a Crédoc study * reveals that only 87% of children aged 3 to 12 have breakfast on weekdays when they were 91 % in 2003.

All alone at breakfast

  • After dinner, breakfast is the meal most often taken with the family. But in seven years, the proportion of breakfasts taken alone during the week has increased in all categories of the population: from 20% to 24%. It should be noted that the small Parisians are more likely to eat alone (30%) than the children living in the provinces (22%). The presence of television at this time is also increasing strongly.

More and more children with an empty stomach at school

  • Since 2003, snacks in primary school are prohibited. Children who do not have breakfast in the morning fast so the evening until the meal of the next day noon. Although they adjust their appetite by compensating during lunch and dinner, they must still be attentive to school while they have an empty stomach.

A menu that evolves slightly

  • The composition of this morning meal has changed slightly over the years and prevention campaigns: children and adolescents are now eating more fruits while dairy products are decreasing, as well as pastries and breakfast cereals.

* Research center for the study and observation of living conditions

Stéphanie Letellier

(News of 23/04/14)

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